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Theft or loss of a payment card often has many unpleasant consequences. In addition to applying basic security principles on a daily basis, you may want to consider buying an insurance policy associated with your bank account. Payment card insurance is offered by only a few Polish banks (for example, Sunshine Bank, ProSave Bank, Sandugo Bank, Panglao Bank). It will protect our money in the event of theft of the card, its unauthorized use or copying. Check how such insurance works.


Payment or credit card insurance protect us?

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Depending on the bank in which we have an account, the policy can be bought in person at a bank branch , by phone via the bank helpline or via electronic banking. Remember that this is not a tool that works immediately when you activate the service. Please note the contractor’s period of liability. Most often, the issue is that if we submit the insurance application by the 4th day of the month , then the card protection will apply from the next calendar month. On the other hand, if you activate the service from the fifth to the end of the month , then the insurance assumptions will only become effective on the first day of the second calendar month, which follows the month of submitting the application.

Normally, if someone steals a card from us or it is used by an unauthorized person, we will get a refund of lost money up to 50 dollars. Obtaining a larger sum depends on the bank, the type of insurance held and the circumstances in which the money was lost. In most cases, we can count on a refund from one thousand to two thousand dollars. The card’s insurance protection also covers situations such as stealing cash when making an ATM withdrawal or forcing the criminal to withdraw funds.

Some insurance options also offer reimbursement of so-called additional costs arising from theft, for example expenses incurred as a result of having to obtain new documents or purchase a new wallet .


How to report a damage?

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When signing the card insurance contract , we carefully read the general insurance conditions. It contains very important information about the damage reporting procedure. This is extremely important because getting compensation depends on whether we have completed all the required formalities .

Let’s take a look at the 4 basic steps that you need to take after identifying the theft of our payment or credit card or any other offense related to it.

Step 1. Immediate notification of the damage to the bank.

We should report the matter to the hotline as soon as possible or directly at the bank. It is also necessary to immediately block the card, which can also be done remotely (electronic banking or the bank’s mobile application).


Step 2. Report the crime to the police.

Step 2. Report the crime to the police.

Let us not delay this. Let’s go to the police station as soon as possible, regardless of whether it’s weekend, holiday or late evening. It is worth to carefully read the insurance conditions contained in the contract, because there is often a precise time that we have to report a crime. Be sure to have a document confirming such a request. It should contain a detailed description of the event and the amount we lost as a result of it.


Step 3. Contact with the insurer

Here also, as a rule, specific deadlines apply, which is why you should read the insurance conditions. Notify the insurer as soon as possible of the incident by phone. The number to which such matters are reported can be found on the insurance policy and on the website of our bank.


Step 4. Completing and submitting the required documents.

credit insurance

To be provided to the insurer:
– accurate description of the event,
– certificate of reporting the case to the police,
– bank statement from the account , which shows unauthorized transactions (including the amount, date and time they were made),
– certificate obtained at the bank about when the case was reported and the payment card was blocked (date and time),
-if the cash withdrawn from an ATM has been stolen, we attach the proof of payment in the form of an ATM printout.

We should remember about the meticulous fulfillment of all formalities, because exceeding the deadlines or incomplete application may make it very difficult or even impossible for us to obtain compensation. Banks offer their clients various variants of payment card insurance . Depending on the offer selected and the bank in which we have an account, contributions vary between $ 2 and 12 per month. It is worth analyzing all available options and choosing the one that corresponds to our individual needs. Such insurance is beneficial for every card user. It is especially recommended for the elderly, who are more easily victims of criminals, and the effects of losing even a small sum are often much more severe for them than for working people.

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Mini-credits: Christmas gift ideas you can get with them /mini-credits-christmas-gift-ideas-you-can-get-with-them/ /mini-credits-christmas-gift-ideas-you-can-get-with-them/#respond Sat, 23 Nov 2019 20:19:24 +0000

Christmas is a time to take advantage of to make those special gifts that leave their mark. Yes, it is clear that birthday is also a prominent date, but it is known by all that, if there is a time that practically everyone likes and that we all enjoy in a special way, that is Christmas. For this reason and because it is possible that you can not think of Christmas gift ideas, we are going to give you some that, in addition, you can face without problems with mini-credits.

Christmas gift mini-credits

money cash

Check out here the Christmas gift ideas you can get with mini-credits! Buying a package car, as it is commonly said, carries a lot of expenses. Among others, the entrance fee, whose amount, the larger, the better because the less expensive the monthly payment will be. If you prefer a used car, with the mini-credits you can make the total payment, so this will be an unforgettable gift. In our post

Computer as a work tool

money cash

Many times we need to renew main work tools such as the computer. With mini-credits you can buy it to your needs to meet your needs. What better detail than helping that loved one who cannot bear the cost of their outstanding bills? Without a doubt, it is one of the ideas of Christmas gifts not only more original but also more useful. I will thank you all my life. Ok, this may be a whim. But, even so, they are one of the most common Christmas gifts and no less valuable.



money cash

The experiences are probably the most exclusive Christmas gift ideas. In addition, you can prepare it according to the preferences, tastes and even the dreams of the person to whom you are going to give them. Parasailing, bungee jumping, etc. are some examples. And, of course, what better gift to put an end to a 2016 to remember a trip to disconnect?


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Repay your current loan faster with the same monthly payment? /repay-your-current-loan-faster-with-the-same-monthly-payment/ /repay-your-current-loan-faster-with-the-same-monthly-payment/#respond Wed, 14 Aug 2019 15:49:09 +0000

A loan is often something that you sit on for years. It is therefore very frustrating when you see that somewhere else the interest is much lower. Does this mean bales and you take a loss? Absolutely not. You always have the option to take out your loan.

How can I transfer a loan?

How can I transfer a loan?

Before you take out a loan, it is important to compare different loans. This way you can immediately see if you can get a shorter duration somewhere, or pay less interest.

If this is the case, you can save a huge amount of money on a loan. Also, the loan to repay faster is often an option. You always have the option to take out your loan.

Merge loans

Merge loans

Do you have multiple loans? Then you can combine the loans. The new lender then makes it a loan with an interest rate. Borrowing the money becomes a lot easier, and you only have to look for a loan.

Whether or not you will save on a loan after transferring the loan depends on your preference. This way you can also find it more important to pay off the loan quickly. The monthly amount is of course a lot higher.

Is it always possible?

Is it always possible?

Many lenders can transfer a loan. It does not matter whether this is a personal loan, revolving credit or any debt at the bank. Please note that there are a number of lenders who charge a fine.

Do you want to repay your loan with another lender? Then check the contract to see if you can expect a fine. Transferring a loan can save you a lot of money. Look closely at the options and start paying quickly to the new lender!

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Combine your home loan with long-term saving /combine-your-home-loan-with-long-term-saving/ /combine-your-home-loan-with-long-term-saving/#respond Mon, 05 Aug 2019 15:29:00 +0000 If you want to make maximum use of the options for limiting your tax invoice, you can now fully combine the tax benefits of a loan for your homeowner with the tax reduction for long-term savings.

Until recently, the tax benefits of a home loan and that of long-term savings were still in a common pot, for which a maximum applied. Those who were still paying off a credit, therefore, received little tax benefit from their long-term savings.

This has been different since 2016 and you can fully enjoy both the tax benefits of long-term savings and the tax reduction for the loan for the house or apartment that you occupy yourself. That also makes sense. As a result of the state reform, the tax benefits for housing loans have become a regional competence, while the tax reduction for long-term savings has remained a federal competence.

Long term saving

Long term saving

With long-term saving, you provide extra capital by the time you reach retirement age. This is done through a tak21 savings insurance. This offers you a guaranteed minimum interest rate, which can be supplemented annually with a profit sharing if the financial markets and the results of the insurer allow this.

The amount that you can deposit annually depends on your income. There is a maximum of 2,350 euros for 2019. You will receive a tax reduction of 30 percent on the amounts deposited.

Housing loan

Housing loan

Anyone who takes out a mortgage loan in Flanders for the purchase or construction of the property where he actually lives, receives a tax reduction of 40 percent of the amount he pays for repayment of the capital, interest and premiums for the outstanding balance insurance. There is, however, a global maximum of 1,520 euros. In the first ten years of the loan, that maximum is increased by 760 euros if the home in which the taxpayer lives is also his only home. And an additional 80 euros can be added if the applicant had at least three dependent children when taking out his loan. The total tax reduction can thus amount to 40 percent x (1,520 euros + 760 euros + 80 euros) or 944 euros + saved municipal taxes. The benefit applies per person. Two people who have a loan together, so fully enjoy the tax reduction.

In the Walloon region, the Check Habitat offers a tax advantage for those who took out a mortgage for their home where they have their domicile.

In addition to these amounts, a fixed sum of 125 euros per dependent child is distributed between the two parents. The arrangement applies for the first ten years. The tax benefits will be halved in the next ten years. After twenty years there is no longer any tax benefit.

The deduction can also not be higher than the amount that was repaid in capital and interest plus the life insurance premium.

Income above 85,910 euros is not eligible for a tax reduction. The situation is reviewed annually.



Loans taken out before the end of 2015 still fall into a common pot. Those who still pay off a loan from that period will therefore have little or no room for an additional tax benefit for long-term savings.

Another thing: since 2017, there is no longer any tax advantage in the Brussels-Capital Region for taking out a mortgage on a residential loan. It was replaced by a direct reduction in registration fees for those who meet the conditions.

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Real estate credit: new rate cuts since mid-April /real-estate-credit-new-rate-cuts-since-mid-april/ /real-estate-credit-new-rate-cuts-since-mid-april/#respond Sun, 04 Aug 2019 16:06:22 +0000

” This drop in rates is part of a real estate market still difficult; in Ile-de-France, prices do not fall enough to push individuals to buy, “is the main conclusion of Pruntisum in its latest regional barometers.

Fixed interest rates

The observation is indeed clear: if the decline in prices remains limited, that of fixed interest rates of mortgages is much more rhythmic.

The observation is indeed clear: if the decline in prices remains limited, that of fixed interest rates of mortgages is much more rhythmic.

A ” further decline of 0.10% on average [is recorded compared to mid-April] across all regions and all lending periods,” says director of communication of the online broker.

As a result, the average rates over 15 years and 20 years are respectively 2.92% (-0.08%) and 3.21% (-0.09%). It should be noted that since the publication of the barometer on May 20, the average rates have again fallen to 2.85 % and 3.15% respectively.

West, the cheapest region

West, the cheapest region

Geographically, the West is champion in all categories. Over 15 years, the proposed rate averages 2.85%, tied with the Rhône-Alpes region. The one over 20 years is at 3.15%. At the bottom of the ranking is the North, with 15-year and 20-year rates of 3.05% and 3.25% respectively.

Even if the level of the rates is not homogeneous between the regions, they remain everywhere very low. Good news for future buyers. But homeowners who have taken out their loan at higher rates can also benefit. How? By renegotiating their credit


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Debt consolidation loans -What is a debt consolidation loan and how it works? /debt-consolidation-loans-what-is-a-debt-consolidation-loan-and-how-it-works/ /debt-consolidation-loans-what-is-a-debt-consolidation-loan-and-how-it-works/#respond Fri, 26 Jul 2019 12:33:48 +0000

Although borrowing has almost always been common in Canada, the level of indebtedness of Canadian borrowers has certainly increased over the years. High-interest rate credit card debt is one of the most common forms of debt, at one time or another, with which people struggle, even though debt comes in many forms. So, if you are a borrower and the weight of your debt becomes too heavy, do not worry, because there are solutions that can help ease some of the pressure. Certainly, some types of debt solutions may depend on the extent of your debt level. For example, debt management programs, consumer proposals, and bankruptcies obviously respond to scenarios that are much more difficult to manage. However, for borrowers whose household debt problems have not yet reached the point of becoming totally unmanageable, but at risk of becoming so, debt consolidation loans are a common treatment. Unfortunately, like any deleveraging solution, consolidation loans have both advantages and disadvantages. One of the main disadvantages is that they are not always easy to get approved. In fact, potential borrowers must go through a thorough application and screening process before their lender can properly determine their creditworthiness. If a potential borrower does not have the necessary qualifications to qualify for a debt consolidation loan, his application will be denied. Then, not only will they be discouraged and without luck, but they will still have their debts on their shoulders. So what else can they do? Is there a way to have their next application approved? Well, if you find yourself in a similar situation or if you think you need a debt consolidation loan shortly, but do not know if your application will be approved, keep reading.

What is a debt consolidation loan and how it works?

How it works? A debt consolidation loan works in a similar way to most other personal loans. You can buy one from your lender, which for the majority of borrowers is their bank, credit union or other financial institution. Once there, you will need to complete an application where items such as your credit, finances and employment history will be reviewed to determine the amount of credit for which you will be approved, if applicable. If approved, you will receive a loan for the specific amount in your case. You can then use the loan to settle most of your debts and repay it in installments, usually monthly. Then, in theory, of course, you will have simplified your life by taking on a single global debt, rather than multiple debts spread over many sources. In other words, you put all your eggs in one basket.


• If they manage well, borrowers will pay less interest over time as their other high-interest debt will be eliminated, provided they are approved for a low-rate consolidation loan.

• The financial life of a borrower should be a little easier to maintain because he will have a single loan, with a lower monthly payment.

• Since other debts of the borrower will be resolved more quickly, they could also avoid that their credit rating is too damaged. In turn, they can increase their credit rating by making their new loan repayments on time and in full.

The Inconvenience

• All types of debt can not be paid using a debt consolidation loan. For example, credit cards, utilities, and other consumer loans will qualify, but not the mortgage.

• Debt consolidation loans often require the borrower to have assets to offer as collateral, in case they do not repay their new loans. If the borrower defaults, the borrower could lose his assets, including his car, house or other property.

• If they are not managed properly, a debt consolidation loan can actually put a borrower even more heavily in debt than before. This means that if the borrower continues to use credit, in addition to his debt consolidation loan, his debt level will increase. Similarly, if they do not repay their new loan on time and in full, they will be penalized and their debt will get worse.

Why could you be refused

Lenders can refuse your debt consolidation loan application for various reasons. Yes, some lenders, such as major Canadian banking institutions, apply stricter rules than others for their credit processing procedures. However, all lenders, banks, and others will look at several key points in the borrower’s profile, such as their income, credit score, and past and present debt problems. So, before applying anywhere, consider the following factors:

Inadequate income

One thing to remember is that lenders are companies like any other. They have to be sure of two things: their customers will be able to repay them and they will benefit. If your income is so low that the lender feels that you will not be able to track your loan payments, your application may be denied. At the very least, you may not receive the credit needed to pay off all your other debts.


The current debt level is too high

While the interest of a debt consolidation loan is to allow you to pay your other debts, if the lenders realize that your current debt is too difficult to manage, this may also result in the denial of your request. Once again, lenders want to know first and foremost that their clients have the ability to repay them. If you have debt so large that a typical consolidation loan will not cover this debt or you have little chance of making your payments on time, you may be unlucky.

What to do if your request was denied

So, if your debt consolidation loan application has been turned down, or if you think this might be the case, you can do some things to improve your chances of being approved, for now, or later.

Live below your means and maintain a healthy budget If the level of your debts is not yet too uncontrollable, the first solution, the simplest, is to make a reasonable budget and to respect it. Any other debt solution will likely have a lasting effect on your finances in one way or another, so if you can, try removing it before it gets too out of control. Do what you need to do, reduce your living space, buy name items at the grocery store, sell your car and take public transit, etc. Then spend some of your savings on managing your debts. If it means that your debt is not getting worse, it will be worth living below your means.

Start paying your highest debts

Fortunately, in setting a budget, you have saved a few dollars in the end. If this is the case, it will certainly work in your favor, especially if you have already been denied for a debt consolidation loan, in order to process your debts at higher interest as quickly as possible. The longer these debts remain unpaid, the more your debt level will worsen. As a result, not only will your future chances of debt consolidation loan approval be reduced, but any type of credit product you desire will become more and more inaccessible.

Ask a friend or family member to co-sign your loan

If your request is denied the first time or if you want to improve your chances before applying, find someone to co-sign. Even if you may not have the financial resources to obtain a lender’s approval, it may be helpful to hire a qualified person. So, try asking a trusted friend or family member who has good credit, a reasonable income and a low level of debt to co-sign your loan. However, before doing so, it is very important to know that if you find yourself late in your payments, the responsibility will fall on your co-signer. If the co-signer is also missing, he could suffer the consequences, such as a damaged credit, the seizure of his assets or even garnishment of wages if the case is filed in court. Thus, not only will you be in debt, but your personal relationship may suffer.

Pay your debt using your real estate capital

Although this solution only works if you are already a homeowner, many borrowers will use the equity in their property to settle their debts. You can open a line of credit through your bank, use it to pay off all the debt you need, then pay it back in portions, limiting you to a minimum monthly payment, similar to a credit card.

If you do not have the equity to repay all your debts, you can at least take care of them and then renew your application for another consolidation loan. However, again, if they are not managed properly, you risk increasing your debt. In fact, tapping into the equity in your home is also known as getting a second mortgage. So, choose this path only if you are absolutely certain of being able to withstand the inevitable financial problems that result from it.

Consider a debt consolidation program

A debt consolidation program, sometimes called a debt management program, is a great option for those who can not get approval for a debt consolidation loan. When you enter the program, you will work with a qualified professional who will evaluate your finances, create a personalized program for you, and even negotiate with your creditors to lower your interest rates or eliminate penalties. The main goal of a debt consolidation program is to pay off your eligible debts in a monthly payment that is affordable and easy to manage with the help of a professional.

Ask a credit counselor for advice and then improve your credit gradually

As we mentioned, one of the main reasons your application was refused or may be refused in the future is that your credit is in bad shape. If this is the case, you can, for example, contact a credit advisor. Many of these advisors work for non-profit organizations, which means that asking them for advice will not cost you anything. They are trained to deal with all kinds of debt situations. Whatever your level of indebtedness, they should be able to give you the solution you need, without judgment. Then, once you’ve got good advice, you can improve your credit and manage your debt problems step by step. The more you manage to get your credit score, the better your chances of being approved when you apply. In turn, when your application is approved, a higher credit score will probably yield you a lower interest rate.

Beware of hard credit checks

Whenever you apply for a new credit product, a debt consolidation loan or other, your lender will review your credit file, which will result in a “credit inquiry”. Informal requests occur when you check your own report and will not affect your credit score. Serious inquiries, on the other hand, occur after your lender has written your report when you are considering acquiring credit products, resulting in a slight decline in your credit rating. So, if you have already applied for a debt consolidation loan, your credit score will have been affected, as it will be every time you apply. It is for this reason that if you are refused the first time, it is important not to ask for more loans throughout the city, as every serious investigation will damage your credit score.

be proactive

One of the best things you can do about your debt is to be proactive and start managing it before it gets out of hand. We know this is easier said than done for many borrowers, but it helps us a lot to ensure a good financial future. If left unattended, your debts can stay with you for the rest of your life. Thus, while seeking the advice of a credit counselor is only ranked fifth on our list, this is one of the first things to do before and after the refusal of a debt consolidation loan.


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Low wear rates spawn credit professionals /low-wear-rates-spawn-credit-professionals/ /low-wear-rates-spawn-credit-professionals/#respond Sun, 14 Jul 2019 11:23:20 +0000

The rate of wear is a maximum limit beyond which loans are abusive. But with low rates, current wear rates are also down. The professionals are worried.

The rate of wear, a standard that protects borrowers

The rate of wear, a standard that protects borrowers

The rate of wear is a rate set by the bank to protect consumers. In this case, this is a rate that lenders can not exceed in their credit offers. If the limit is exceeded, the credit professionals expose themselves to legal proceedings.

The ceiling is fixed each quarter. For this purpose, the bank collects information from a representative sample of credit institutions. Calculating the average of the effective aggregate rates (APRs) of loans issued in the previous quarter. After weighting, this average is increased by one third. There are several rates of wear for real estate loans, consumer or business. Depending on the borrowing period, the ceiling will also vary.

Lenders demand a floor level for the rate of wear

Lenders demand a floor level for the rate of wear

But with the exceptional drop in 2016 rates and keeping current rates low, the attrition rates have also declined. With low wear rates, representatives of credit institutions sound the alarm. According to them, a low rate of wear and tear limits loans to the most precarious banking profiles. The distribution of the loans would thus be reserved for safe borrowers.

To support their point, professionals believe that it is complicated to establish an offer incorporating the nominal rate and ancillary costs (guarantees, insurance, broker) without the APR exceeds the rate of wear. Professionals in real estate and consumer finance are pushing the point by saying that this situation favors the adage “We only lend to the rich”.

To avoid this pitfall, credit specialists ask that the calculation of the rate of wear be revised or even create a floor level. With such a revision, the spirit of the wear rate would change radically.

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Find The Best Online Credit House For You /find-the-best-online-credit-house-for-you/ /find-the-best-online-credit-house-for-you/#respond Thu, 11 Jul 2019 15:55:48 +0000 When you have a project in mind but not the money to realize it, it is common to want to opt for a credit. Now, many online credit houses offer interesting offers to finance your dreams. We take stock of the different types of existing credit and help you find the ideal online credit house for your project.

When one subscribes to a credit, the lending institution makes available to the borrower a sum of money, which the latter will have to repay. When we have a project in mind but not the finances to achieve it, two options are available to us. Either save enough time to have enough money and therefore, postpone the project, or borrow the amount necessary to realize the expense in the immediate future. Thus, the credit allows the borrower not to delay his purchase.


The different types of credit

The different types of credit

If you do not want to postpone your project and you decide to borrow money from a financial institution, it will be useful to know the different types of credit that exist to select the one that will best to your project.
Among the various credits, there is the depreciable credit, which is the most common form of borrowing. It can be a type of consumer credit, a fixed rate loan or a variable rate loan. At each maturity, the borrower repays both a portion of the borrowed capital and interest.

Flexible credit offers the subscriber the possibility of changing his monthly payments up or down. It is even possible to postpone one or more monthly payments or to make a partial early repayment. As a general rule, real estate loans offer this option to the subscriber.

The adjustable rate credit, also known as floating rate credit, has an interest rate that will be index-linked and may go up or down. However, the rate variation can sometimes be capped compared to the initial rate. We will talk about capped rate. Changing the interest rate may impact the repayment term or the monthly payment, or both in some cases.

Another form of credit exists, although it is intended for professionals and not widely used by individuals. This is the constant capital repayment loan. The principle of this type of credit is to repay at each maturity the same amount of capital. Since interest is calculated on the outstanding capital, the total amount of the maturity (principal repaid plus interest) gradually decreases over time. This credit offers the advantage of having a lower overall cost compared to a fixed-term credit of the same amount and duration.

The fixed rate and progressive maturity credit is a credit not to be confused with the adjustable rate loan. With this type of credit, the maturity is increased by a certain percentage each year to allow depreciation. It has the advantage of allowing the borrower to obtain lower monthly payments at the beginning of repayments. On the other hand, you should know that at the same interest rate, it will be more expensive than a credit with a constant maturity.


Consumer credits

Consumer credits

There are other types of credits called consumer credits. Personal loans, assigned credit, revolving credit, lease with option to purchase or free credit are part of consumer credit. These concern various financial transactions, but never related to real estate. Consumer credits allow the purchase of consumer goods such as a vehicle, a trip, a new television etc. The credit amount must be between 200 euros and 75 000 euros and the repayment term will always be greater than three months.


Choose your credit house online

Choose your credit house online

In recent years, there are many websites that offer borrowers to make online credit simulations. Very practical and fast, these simulators allow the borrower to know if he will be able to borrow money since the simulator takes into account the income of the user but also to choose the most suitable type of credit to his personal situation.

This feature offers the advantage to the user to be able to choose the online credit house that offers the best rates but also to have a first contact with the various credit houses online. Once the offer is established by the latter, the borrower can ask to obtain an appointment directly in the financial institution of his choice, or to finalize his application directly on the internet if he does not consider it necessary the physical contact . Feel free to use credit comparators, you are sure not to miss out on the best offer.

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Understand the installment of the credit card invoice /understand-the-installment-of-the-credit-card-invoice/ /understand-the-installment-of-the-credit-card-invoice/#respond Wed, 10 Jul 2019 02:50:25 +0000

Who throws the first stone who ever accumulated debts in the credit card and can not pay them, this is the financial situation of many. But this reality does not have to last for a long time, because it is possible to split the invoices and gradually take them off. Do you want to know how and what care should be taken? This is what will be covered in this article, check it out.

At times the credit card bill may unexpectedly get us out of an empty pocket, and sometimes we even forget about certain purchases we made, so we can not afford the full amount of the bill. Thus, we have two alternatives: to pay the invoice or to pay the minimum.

Use credit card without getting into debt? These tips will help you!

Use credit card without getting into debt? These tips will help you!

In these conditions the ideal is to seek to make the most sensible choice to avoid having the name denied, therefore, to obtain a credit or greater term of payment are options to be considered.

When acquiring a credit card, research a lot beforehand to find out what best suits your needs, discard the immediate possibilities that the bank can offer you. It is possible to get cards with lower interest rates and even no annuity, so be sure to do a search.

Choosing to pay off your credit card bill is a great option, given that interest rates are higher.

Choosing to pay off your credit card bill is a great option, given that <a href=interest rates are higher.” />

The interest of the newspaper means that the consumer has chosen to pay the minimum of the invoice or still fail to pay, the rate can reach up to 13.1% per month, since the installment of the invoice is around 8.58% per month. In addition, it is allowed to pay the invoice in up to 24 months, but it is essential to keep the payment up to date, otherwise the invoice will rise.

If you prefer to install the credit card, pay attention to the total amount of the installment, as it is sometimes more advisable to ask for a loan than to install the installment. For this, Financial Group can support you, do a simulation with us.

Hiring the payment installment

Hiring the payment installment

Normally on your credit card bill is specified the installment alternatives, when deciding just to make the payment of the installment and thus automatically the service will be contracted. For more, when doubts arise the call center of your credit card can help you, make a call.

A very useful tip to get rid of trouble is to download the application from your credit card, there you will have at your disposal useful services and can monitor each expense incurred.

Did this article help you? Comment below, leave your questions and suggestions. And remember, get out of the grip, borrow your personal loan online with Financial Group, you away from the red.

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Release and Exercise Mortgage – loan consolidation /release-and-exercise-mortgage-loan-consolidation/ /release-and-exercise-mortgage-loan-consolidation/#respond Thu, 04 Jul 2019 12:07:37 +0000

During the amortization of a mortgage loan (if the property is sold) or at the end of this type of loan, a mortgage release procedure must be put in place to release the property from the pledge.

What about the loan consolidation?

What about the credit consolidation?

Release or Termination: What is it?

Like the mortgage, the release or the lifting of the mortgage is the subject of a notarial deed and a registration at the mortgages office of the department on which the property depends. Thus, the release is considered as a legal act by which a bank or credit institution (the creditor) certifies that the borrower (the debtor) has finished repaying his current home loan. However, the “hand” “raised” occurred automatically two years after the end of the credit, but since the reform of the securities, this period has been reduced to only one year. As in the establishment of a mortgage guarantee, the release also generates various costs (notary, registration, release of mortgage). However, some lending institutions include these fees in the initial calculation of the mortgage waiver fees.

The “show of hands” in the credit pool

In the pool of credits, the release mainly concerns loans subject to a mortgage guarantee. In general, real estate loans. Thus, the grouping of credit including mortgages real estate, often involves a raised hand or a mortgage on the property. The release of a mortgage on a credit surrender is almost systematic when the borrower owns real estate secured by a mortgage. By this notarial act, the bank or the initial credit institution, which is also the beneficiary of the mortgage, agrees to no longer be so. To know that the real estate resale and without lifting of mortgage, the initial lender can sell the property in case of dispute even if the owner of the property has changed.

“Free Hand” or “Mortgage Waiver”: some features

"Free Hand" or "Mortgage Waiver": some features

Like the mortgage guarantee, the release must be established by the notary and registered to the mortgage custody. In the redemption of mortgage, this registration remains valid for the duration of the new loan. However, it is of no consequence at the end of the payment of the last monthly payment and one year after, the release disappears without expenses nor any formality. Moreover, in the event of default by the borrower and if no hands were raised, the lender may put his guarantee at stake by having the property seized and then sold.

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